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Our Most Popular Boynton Beach Tree Services:

Tree Trimming Boynton Beach

Your tree's ability to grow can be hampered by broken, diseased, or dead branches. Low-hanging branches may pose a threat to the tree's health. Maintaining a straight line between the branches will also help to avoid hazardous clutter.

Furthermore, leaving these branches on the tree encourages fungi and disease to spread throughout the rest of the tree. Even a single living branch can obstruct the sunlight that would otherwise reach your tree's crown.

Trimming is required in all of these scenarios, not only for aesthetic reasons but also for the health of everyone involved, including yourself and your trees. Trimming your tree's crown will help it aerate, increasing its ability to grow and heal itself.

So, if you need tree trimming in Boynton Beach, FL, give us a call at (561) 933-9922.

The arborist is sawing each branch of the tree with a chainsaw.

Tree Triming

tree removal

stump Grinding

Tree Removal Boynton Beach

When dealing with huge, overhanging trees, discoloration and staining are widespread and are frequently the reason for their removal. But you need not worry because our highly trained experts are here to take on your home project.

No tree is too big or too small for our tree removal service to handle.  Our tree services offered are comprehensive and fully insured. We'll prune the tree's branches until it's safe and controllable to topple it, then divide it into manageable parts to transport and dispose of.

The best thing about our tree services in Boynton Beach is that when we're done, we'll clean up after ourselves! We'll use our skills and experience to remove any signs of the troublesome tree from your landscaping.

Let us handle the tree work and focus on doing things that matter to you and your family.

Request a free quote and schedule a tree service today by calling (561) 933-9922.

Because the tree's strength has deteriorated, it's removed for the safety of the residents.

Stump Grinding Boynton Beach

Among our tree services in Boynton Beach is stump grinding, which is an important part of your lawn maintenance. Our professional tree care experts can deliver a comprehensive stump removal, no matter how large or tiny, and restore the area.

Whether you are a home or business owner, you can expect quality service at a great price. We trim and remove trees, haul away and dispose of yard garbage, and pressure clean your home's driveway, walkways, and complete exterior, including the roof, to make it appear brand new!

Moreover, we'll wipe all indications of the tree and the marks it left away. Depending on the size of the tree, we'll try to finish the stump removal on the same day you schedule the tree service!

For your stump grinding in Boynton Beach, FL, please call (561) 933-9922. Our team will give you a free tree service estimate.

A close-up of a tree stump grinder in action, with large rotating blades cutting into a tree stump. Wood chips and sawdust are visibly flying around. Part of a house with windows and some foliage is seen in the background, showcasing professional stump grinding as part of comprehensive tree services.

Palm Tree Trimming Boynton Beach

Palm trees can be dangerous at times, especially with our changing weather. By letting our professional team of arborists prune additional hanging fronds and remove possibly dangerous coconuts, you can have a secure and safe property.

As a trusted tree service company in Boynton Beach, FL, we'll find out issue spots or damage to your palm trees before they become a problem. With our tree pruning service, we can trim your trees and clean and maintain your roof, walls, patio, driveway, and walkways.

We have the team, experience, and equipment to deliver the tree and landscaping services you need and deserve. All you need to do is get a free quote and schedule an appointment, and we'll take care of the rest. (561) 933-9922

The palm leaves were becoming a visual hazard, so they had to be cut.
tree trimming performed by a Boca Tree Service arborist

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About Boynton Beach FL

As a pride of Palm Beach County, Boynton Beach, FL, allows for quick access to a variety of museums, theaters, and outdoor recreational sites. You can enjoy swimming, having a picnic, fishing, canoeing, and boating. But the fun does not stop there! You can enjoy walking and biking in some areas of Boynton Beach, FL that are covered with trees.

Boynton Beach is a city in Palm Beach County, Florida, United States. The population was 68,217 at the 2010 census. In 2019, the city had an estimated population of 78,679 according to the University of Florida, Bureau of Economic and Business Research.

Elevation: 3 m

Area: 42.92 km²

Top Sights in Boynton Beach FL

Gulfstream Park, Seacrest Scrub Natural Area, Schoolhouse Children's Museum

ISA Arborist in Boynton Beach

We are ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) members and are properly licensed and insured to perform tree services. With our verified reviews from our previous clients, you can trust that we'll deliver the tree care that you require.

If you're looking for a tree service company that offers great service, professionalism, and unparalleled commitment in Boynton Beach, FL, Boca Tree Service has got you covered.

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